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today's misadventures included tumbling down the hill this morning, thus getting mud down most of the front of my gray dockers, and spilling most of a coke down the front of my cargos. in the middle there was a metro driver who really felt like making a curb check, the random distribution of virtual hugs, the pipe people at crossroads, a discussion of whether the people at crossroads would really want to see my cleavage, drooling over yarn, and a decision that Coke is good for the feet. we also decided, for the 80th time, that Ginger and I should rule the world.

one day... *evil grin*

one of my favorite people in the world got some good news today. the news is his to tell, but i am still quietly incadescent with joy for him.

dinner was good. the company was good. tonight was chicken tiki masala, saag paneer, and chicken satay. i have enough leftover peanut sauce and saag paneer to make a happy joyce for a few days.

afterwards was talk of school for a bit - band and band camp and summer programs and high school. and trying to explain why someone would go to ncssm. Jill went there as well, and it was nice having someone around that did to talk about it.

dishes are nearly done; for those who might care, i'll get the pots and such after i get off of work tommorow (short day. woot. all hail thursdays and fridays.)

Jill goes home tommorow. we really need to work on that cloning thing.

time for bed soon. i really want a thunderstorm, but since the likelihood of that is... damned low, i'll have to deal.

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