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today's lessons in sewing:

one: one and a half yards is not enough for a sarong-like skirt, even one that is to be afixed with velcro and not tied. one and three fourths would probably do it; two definitely would, and the scraps can always be saved for quilts.

two: however, upon the discovery of point one, one and a half yards of material can be run up into a drawstring skirt, once your roommate has been kind enough to suggest that. the result will be cute. not perfect, but cute. this will cause much giddiness from joyce as she bounces around the house wearing said skirt that didn't exist a couple hours ago, going "wow. i made this. *grin*"

three: i should work on some more simple stuff before tackling the bridesmaid dress. convienent, since i need clothes anyhow.

four: there will be the buying of an iron very soon.

five: i want to do more of this. we'll see if the giddiness lasts more than a week, though, before getting too jazzed over it... :)

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