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and verily didst the Lady Ginger and the Lady Joyce leave their place of gainful employment, before Joyce did grevious bodily injury to someone with her favorite blade, the where to turn. and they did wander out towards the bus stop, in time to witness the bus blazing past.

joyce did suggest that mayhaps they could catch the next 17, and so they did trot merrily down the hill, only to decide that they had missed it. not wishing to standst around in the heat and wait yon half hour for the next 17, they did (*cough*) trot back up the steep hill to the other bus stop.

they did meet their steed, and make their way upon downtown. however, their bus was in fact slow than ye knight's grandmother's mule, and so, they didst miss the 210. however, another favored steed, the 554, did yonder way pass, and so they did make their way to factoria boulevard and i-90.

once there, they did, verily, and with much overuse of the word verily, start talking as such, out of silliness. :)

and verily did they make their way to QFC, in order to obtain frozen vegetables for their planned fine repast of chicken fried rice. (not a terribly meidevil food, we'll admit, but allowances can be made.) after an appropriate measure of time, they were rescued by the knight in suspiscous green van (and were very grateful, as it is f'ing hot outside) and were ferried home. once there, they didst look upon the kitchen, and wail upon it, and make it clean. then did Lady Joyce put away the clothing that had been cluttering up the hallway for an unladylike amount of time, and further straighten up her little hole in the wall, and the entryway, and the living room, and remove more clothing from the clothes washing implements, and run that modern invention the vacuum cleaner, as best as could be, since it doesn't much seem to like the carpet fuzzies.

soon, there will be chicken fried rice, and then there will be more dishes, so that the kitchen dost remain clean, and then there will be slumber for our heroines.

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