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i think i scared the cashier at BCC. of course, i doubt that he's… 
8th-Aug-2002 05:58 pm
i think i scared the cashier at BCC. of course, i doubt that he's seen anyone that giddy over paying tuition in awhile. *big bouncy grin*

oh, and i get a discount on my bus pass next month. instead of $72, i'll get it from BCC for $47. rockass. :)
8th-Aug-2002 06:41 pm (UTC)

I thought that was only for full-time students. Does it work for those of us only taking one class?
8th-Aug-2002 07:58 pm (UTC) - Re:
yuppers. it's $47 for a $2 equiv pass if you're at 5 hours, and $37 if at 10. yours would be cheaper, because you'll need a $1.50 equiv pass, since you won't be going across the water on a daily basis. ($1.50 = one zone peak.)

actually, depending on when your class is, you could prolly do the one-zone off peak...
8th-Aug-2002 09:35 pm (UTC)
Hot-fucking-damn! I get to be a bus princess! :)

I think I'm going to go with the $1.50 bus pass, because my class is at 10, so I'm going to be in rush hour hours for the first bit of my trip.

How exactly does this work? Do we have to buy the pass on campus at BCC?

And how does the bus pass work? Is it the credit-card like thing that they scan?
8th-Aug-2002 09:47 pm (UTC) - Re:
go to the cashier's office between aug 25 and sept 10, according to the guy at the office today. of course, classes don't start until sept 23, so you could wait for oct... and i would assume a similar window will exist for that.

and yah, it's that card thing that gets scanned. you just run it through the barcode reader. if the bus is going into downtown seattle, you pay as you get on; if you get on it either while it's in downtown or after it's left, it's pay as you leave. buses on the eastside that never glance at downtown seattle are pay as you get on. peak hours are 6a-9a and 3p-6p.

and, um, stuff. i'll stop infodumping on metro now. sorry :)
9th-Aug-2002 06:46 am (UTC)
infodump == good!! It's much less nerve-wracking getting information out of Joyce The Bus Goddess than it is trying to track it down from people at BCC or looking through the website. Brings buses into a perspective of "actual people I know use this" and "look how non-scary this is". :)

I'm damned excited about having my own little bus pass and being able to get to class with it. I will also be able to -- and hence will -- get around town more. As much as I like being able to have Grant give me rides places, I also like knowing that if I want to, I'll be able to go to Woodinville's Barnes and Noble if I want (I have seen the bus stop signs out there :) ) or into downtown Bellevue. I'm pretty mobile already, but I'm looking forward to that in a big way. I will be able to meet the boys for lunch under my own steam. :)

I probably will wait until October, though. Don't they sell little sheets of bus coupons that you can give bus drivers, that come in packs of 10? I was thinking I'd get one of those for my first week. Also, how do transfers work? In Indiana you asked for one when you got on the bus, and it was a little paper slip which the driver tore off for you and was good for an hour (so you couldn't go to the mall, see a movie, and hop back on a different bus to go home for free, I suppose). But in that hour you could just give that slip to the next bus driver and he'd let you on. I know I'm going to have to transfer (probably the 230 to the 222, and will do the transfer up at Microsoft), and when I have a bus pass that won't matter, but for that first week, I should probably know how to do this.
9th-Aug-2002 08:09 am (UTC) - Re:
yuppers, you can get bus tickets from everywhere that sell bus passes, though i don't know if BCC will sell them. i believe the 1.50 tickets only come in books of 20, and the 1.25 tickets in books of 10. so you could get a book of those and just carry quarters... and if you use those or cash, you'll get a transfer, which is just a slip of paper that you show the next driver when you get on the bus. you hang onto it, though, in case you end up needing a third bus, or if you're running a quick errand. they're good for, um, two hours, i think... i dunno, i haven't needed transfers in awhile.

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