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last night was fun. it was good to see people, even if i was a bit loopy from lack of sleep.

and apologies to anyone who caught me being grumpy, too.

the chili of doom turned out well (even if a bit more soupy than normal) and Ginger and I have leftovers in the fridge here at work for lunch for the next two days. and Anjela left us some of the corn muffins. mmm. thank you, dear. :) and i'd forgotten how pretty Tomb Raider is. sorry i passed out early instead of being social... i was a tired Joyce.

today, we get to get off work early, me to pay tuition (tuition. hells. i started college, take I, seven years ago. i feel old) and her to prove to BCC that she does, in fact, live in Washington. tommorow is Friday (woot!) and i get to get off of work even earlier.

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