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point 1: you are not an unique and special snowflake. if you live in this state, you know damned well what sales tax is. if you're a tax exempt organization, you know damned well what a tax id number is. please, please, don't think you're special and that you can just magically not pay tax. yes, if you're not tax exempt, we'll forgive the seventy-nine cents and mail you your books anyhow. however, if you are tax exempt, we need that number, so that we don't have to pay it. the pennies do add up. either way, i still have to call your sorry ass. a pox on you. :)

point 2: i am mailing an order to the Lutheran church across from my house. i would just hand carry it, but i don't feel like trying to figure out how to issue a refund check for the 1.09 they paid for shipping and the tax on the shipping. i am still amused. :)

point 3: everyone here is either on vacation or wishing they were. i'm glad i'm not the only one. :)

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