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i took a wrong turn at a waterfall...

... or, if you think you've run out of trail, you probably have.

i'm lying in bed this morning reading, when i realize "it's gorgeous outside. i could go for a walk. i should go for a walk." so, i got up and dressed and got my sneakers on and jogged and walked down the road, intending to go up to where i went jogging to last Monday and then go see what was beyond that, since i had time... well, a little ways beyond it was a trailhead. since i was nature girl, once upon a life, and since sidewalks and truck exhaust gets annoying after awhile, i veered off into it, thinking i'd wander through the woods for a bit and then come back out.

well, the sign promised me a waterfall after a mile or so, so i climbed along, eventually finding said waterfall... more like a fall in training. but it was still pretty. the trail looked like it continued straight up the hill, and i could see where other people had climbed up, so i did so. i got to the top of fall, thinking "well, it doesn't much look like a trail, but this must be it" and kept climbing up for awhile. i finally realized that no, this wasn't where i was supposed to be, and started carefully back down, sliding down on my ass at some points. i eventually got back down to the bottom of the falls in one piece, backtracked a bit, and found where i'd missed the rest of the trail, since i'd been so intent on seeing the waterfall. :]

all told, my little adventure was about 2.5 hours and 5.3 miles. other than being scared that i was going to sprain an ankle climbing back down the hill and have to hobble out on it, it was muchly fun... even if i ended up filthy. sliding down a steep hill on your ass in the mud will do that. :]

i need to go get lost in the woods more often. i need to remember to take water, next time.

and now i'm clean, and i'm going to go fix some food and read, because i'm starved...

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