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what's the line in Fight Club? "babies don't sleep like this?" i… 
12th-Jul-2002 09:32 am
what's the line in Fight Club? "babies don't sleep like this?"

i slept. like a rock. hurricanes wouldn't have awoken me.

i woke up once in the middle of the night, and then i woke at like, 7:45. i yawned, stretched, said "five more minutes", and it was an hour later. holy wow.

yes, i feel much better.

so, i went to go see Ms. Occupational Therapist again yesterday. my grip scores are up, the pain is down, i've been exercising, i've been stretching. she's convinced that it just needed to rest. i'm to make an appointment with the occupational doctor at the beginning of august to get cleared, and to stay the hell away from massive amounts of 10-key. i can deal with that. :]

our check from our ex-landlord came in yesterday, finally. apparently he lost our address under a pile of bills... at any rate, this resulted in a rather happy Joyce and Heather.

finally, last night was fun. Ginger and I and Ari and Daniel and Grant and Anjela went to Delfino's (mmm, pizza), and then wandered around Barnes and Nobles for a bit, and then went back to Grant and Anjela's for conversation. i eventually passed out in their living room floor, and Ari and Daniel took Ginger and me home.

and since i've slept, there's a decent chance i'll get it all done...

- straighten room
- job hunt
- start on reading
- laundry
- kitchen
- bank, drug store
- grocery store: ravioli for tonight. anything else, ladies
- relax. be happy. :]
12th-Jul-2002 10:09 am (UTC)
winning lottery ticket?

no nothing really
save maybe a life
12th-Jul-2002 01:40 pm (UTC)
'babies don't sleep this well' :)
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