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how to feel alive

climb up on a float that's stationed midway through a huge parade. sing, dance, shout, and yell your ass off for three hours at tens of thousands of people who think you're right (and the tiny handful with signs that say things like "god is angry" and "repent, pervert". they were all at the beginning, and were so outnumbered as to be comical. it just gave us something else to shout at. :])

very, very heady stuff. definitely one of the most exilerating experiences of my life thus far... and i've done some fairly nifty stuff. for the record, i was the red-headed chick midway down one side of the float, white tshirt, gray cargos, waving the sign that said "love knows no gender" and dancing her little "i can't dance" dance.

my gods, that was incredible. completely, totally incredible.

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