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friday five...

when was the last time you....

1. sent a handwritten letter? um, probably college sometime, before everyone had email all the time. i sent out a batch of postcards when i went to NC in May, though.

2. bake something from scratch or made something by hand? baking, i do pretty often but randomly... usually cookies or brownies. we cook around here a lot too. and i've been working on making the float for this weekend, which has been a lot of sewing and painting.

3. camped in a tent? last summer, Crown and Coronation with the SCA.

4. volunteered your time to church, school, or community? i spend a mimimum of three hours a week volunteering here. this week, with Pride coming up, it's been a lot more. it rocks, and it's definitely one of the things keeping me sane.

5. helped a stranger? this last weekend, when someone on the Hill was looking for directions to the Paramount downtown.

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