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from the "how the hell can one company be so incompetent" department...

so, to recap:

1 - when we moved, AT&T fucked up the paperwork on the install at our new house, which meant that it didn't happen at all, and the soonest that they could someone out to fix it was a week later. we waited on hold three hours to be told that.
2 - they then prompty sent us a full bill for a month of service at the old place, which should have been a week, and a month of service at the new place, including the week we didn't have service because they fucked up the install. Ginger spent awhile fixing that one, too.
3 - i call them today to try to figure out what and when we actually owe them. the customer service monkey is an idiot, but eventually tells me something plausible.

so... i go out for my walk, and go to check the mail on the way out, since i'm hoping to get money from about three different places here soon... there's a bill from AT&T. i open it up, thinking it's going to be a bill reflecting the updated info i got earlier this afternoon.

nope. it's a bill for $260.14. the only explanation is a line for "comsys lease" on the back for $250.

so, i go for my walk - very nice, if very warm - and come back in and call them. long story made short, we're being charged for the modem at the old place because they don't have it. AH, i say, but the installer chick who came out swamped us a modem that would work here for the old one, and took the old one away. customer service dudsie asks if i have a receipt. well, there's the carbon copy of the install sheet. so i go find it, and on it in green and black it says "took old modem, swapped in new one."

the problem? that's handwritten, because the original work order was written up for a new install, not a transfer, because they fucked up in the first place. and apparently they don't get hard copies, so they can't see the handwritten comments. and $deity knows where the modem is.

so, i get to fax in a copy of the install sheet on monday or tuesday, so that they can track down the tech and find the modem, and uncharge us for it.

this is silly. a much prettier version of this is going into their customer complaints department.

i wonder if it'd be possible to get qwest to drop in a phone line without local service (which we don't want to pay for) and just put DSL on it...

however, i got a nice walk in, i have fried ravioli for lunch, i'm going to exercise some more... it's all good.

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