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i've been semi-productive joyce this morning. i've done dishes (save a couple of pots), taken the trash out, gotten a shower, got dressed, finally found statements for the two bills that have been needing to get mailed off for awhile (including my way overdue student loans), watched a silly movie, and finally started in on my L&I paperwork while watching the movie. i've paid the last phone bill that we were responsible from old groundzero. i've balanced my checkbook.

mogwai is being bitchly today. she keeps forgetting what her mouse is. gah. tine to dig through the box of bits and see if i have another.

i swear, at&t hires the most clueless people on earth. they consistently suck. i called to pay the old account (all $10 of it) and get that taken care of. i get told that i can't do that and that the old account balance is being moved to the new account and that the new account balance is actually X amount and is due on july 7th, when i have a statement in front of me saying that it's Q amount due on june 27th. while i'm happy that X is less than Q and that the bill is due later, i'd be happier is the online statement reflected what the customer service monkey told me. gah. never mind that it took ages to get him to get the account pulled up....

um, yea. despite that, i'm actually in a pretty good mood. much better than i've been... i think i'm going to go for a walk, run an errand, and get out in the sun for awhile. then i'm going to call Target and find out why the hell they haven't called me yet...

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