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me and filters

one last thing, and then i need to go staring down the metro access contract some more, whee. that bitch will get done soon.

i don't use filters very often anymore, partly because the damned things keep breaking (though at least i know why now) and partly because 99% of what i post, if you're on my friends list, i don't care if you see it. that being said, i do have a girls-only filter, as we all know. most of the time, if i dump something to that, it's either because it's discussing girly bits stuff that a lot of guys don't want to hear about (however, i don't post about that kind of stuff very much. i tend to bitch about it to whoever happens to be handy and in person, male or female), or it concerns a guy that happens to be on my friends list that i don't particularly care to see that post. not that i ever stick names in anything anymore, anyhow, save a couple of ex's, and one of those gets referred to as "the ex from hell" and not by name 90% of the time, anyhow.

the point is, if you're a guy, you're not missing anything. it's not that i wouldn't want some of the other guys on my friends list to the things i post, it's a conveience thing on my end, since i already have too many damned filters and refuse to keep building new ones to leave out specific people. for anywhile, i would painfully make a filter that specifically left out say, an ex or whatever, but that got annoying and silly. it's not meant to be sexist; it's me being out and out lazy.

so yea. that's that.

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