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i feel almost dirty, but Old Navy now ownz my soul. you see, in two trips i've managed to score a pair of shorts and a pair of those zippy-off cargo pants things that fit and look cute and are comfy and were cheap enough that even i was willing to pay for them, and i hate spending money on clothes. granted, they're boys, but i don't care... boys clothes are much cooler than girls, most of the time.

and i got cheap flip-flops that look good enough to go to graduation in. go me.

fixing spaghetti, because if i don't eat soon, i'm not going to be upright. i've got to start eating before i start spacing out. you'd think i'd know this by now, considering i complain about it what, once a week?

tired. but i don't work again for over two weeks.... *grin*

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