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i wasn't going to bother, but i'll feel better if i do. feel free to skip if you're sick to death of ranting about sex, sexuality, gender, orientation, and stupidity.

so, tonight, i was checking out, logging my hours in the volunteer book. one of our straight female volunteers and a gay male youth were sitting at the reception desk. we started talking. i chose to laugh because i was too sleep-deped to want to argue. here's what i wish i would have said:

- yes, when i'm with a guy, i will sometimes "crave" sex with a girl, and vice versa. you know why this is? i like sex, fuckhead. it's not because i'm bi. i just happen to like sex. if i'm happy with my partner, however, then at least while we're at it, i'm not thinking about anything else. trust me.

furthermore, if these "cravings" do start occurring, and i'm in a monogamous relationship, you know what i'm going to do? that's right. grin and fucking bear it. i've agreed to be mono in this case, for whatever reason, and i'm going to hold to that.

oh, what, you thought i was going to run out and cheat on my partner because i'm bi and i just can't help these mad cravings i'm feeling? fuck that. if i'm bi - or if i'm anyone, for that matter - and i've agreed to be monogamous, and i can't handle it, then i need to reevaluate the bounds of my relationship.

- not all bi people are poly. not all poly people are bi. not all poly people feel the need to be a in poly relationship at all times. not all poly relationships are triads with a bi person in the fucking middle. (side note, for someone who's more up on their poly terms than me... a triad would be a triangle, and thus, not have a middle, right? a V has a middle. *mutter*)

- so help me, if you ever start telling me "yea, i've read about poly relationships in books, and i'm sure they can work!" with that bright ditzy look, i'm going to hurt you. say "i've done some reading, and it seems like the author was coming to X conclusion" or "i read this, what's your take on it." say something intelligent, please.

- i'm not out to break every lesbian's heart in this city. if i leave you for a guy, it doesn't say anything about you other than i wasn't in love with you anymore and wanted to stop dating. get over your fucking insecurities.

- when i've made it abundantly clear to you that i am bi and poly, don't continue to hold forth about "them" as if i'm not standing there.

fuck. you.

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