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i've been all like, grumpy and serious and stuff lately. so, in honor of monday morning...

- st ives aloe vera and enchinea shampoo and conditioner. makes me smell good, makes me look pretty.
- the glass penis and the ladybug on top of my monitor. :)
- friends that listen to me babble and then remind me that my way isn't always right
- muffins! (we did a costco run yesterday and have the big assed muffins from hell for breakfast this week)
- i wrote out checks for bills yesterday and could do that without stress
- i can breathe. out of both sides of my head. for multiple minutes at a time.
- i have money to go put in the bank tonight.
- i have a job to go to this morning, no matter how much it drives me insane. i have a room to clean up tonight, a kitchen to clean, and dishes to wash.
- i finally remembered where those apocolyptica mp3s were :)
- candles

ok, maybe not such a silly list... i don't care. :)

*loves* to everyone, i need to get dressed and get to work now...

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