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so, i've been meaning to redye my hair for awhile, and haven't gotten around to it. i was trying to figure out what the hell to do to it today (the joy and curse of data entry... lots and lots of time to think). it's currently a bit below my ears and dyed a kind of strawberry blonde thing that's got a few streaks of blonde in it because i've actually seen the sun lately, with about an inch of blonde-brown mousy roots. (i'm also going to try to find the patience to grow it out, yet again. we'll see how far that goes.)

so, in true indecisive fashion, i'm seeking opinons...

Poll #25822 hair color

so, what should i do to my hair?

dye it strawberry blonde again
dye it a brighter and / or darker red
bleach blonde
bleach blonde highlights
leave it alone
something more creative

if something more creative, what?

(the only limit on "something more creative" is i would like to try to remain fairly "normal" looking, and anything too creative has to be either temporary or able to be dyed over again in a month and some change when i go home for my sisters' graduations.)

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