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so, the lovely Brynna and Ginger and I went out and ate a picnic lunch in the arboretum (a word which i can neither pronounce, much to their amusement, or spell). then we wandered the park for a good long while, including managing to get all of us completely muddy, and finally ended the day with a trip to Toys in Babeland, where we all drooled muchly but managed to behave and not get anything... though, eventually, i want to go and replace my handcuffs. i have drugstore $3 ones right now, which no one else complains about using but which cut up my wrists to hell and back.

ahem. right. moving along. :)

it has been decided that there need to be many more picnics and being outside in our future this summer.

they've left to take Ginger home, and now i think i'm going to go work on dishes and such.

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