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no angst here today, move along :) 
28th-Feb-2002 08:35 pm
good things about today:

- p a y d a y
- we all held hands at work and sang kubayah. in other words, admin had a meeting, talked some stuff out, i showed my teeth a bit and showed that i wasn't going to get run over, and i think that waking up with a headache and stomachache because i have to go to work is at least temporarily over with.
- tommorow's friday
- my mood, for whatever reason (fucking hormones), is better than it's been all week. watch me argue. ;)
28th-Feb-2002 08:30 pm (UTC)
oooh...i've been looking for an mp3 of that song...*g*

and yay for happy. :)
28th-Feb-2002 08:31 pm (UTC)
i have it if you want it... do you do any kinda messaging?
28th-Feb-2002 08:35 pm (UTC)
i have both aim (fbiwomyn -- i'm actually online, but if you're not on my list you shouldn't be able to see me) & msn msgner (slayer_morganie@hotmail.com) -- on both. :-)
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