joyce (joyce) wrote,


i crave terriyaki. therefore, 6:15, the terriyaki joint across the road from the capital hill safeway and down the road from group health. don't know the name, but it's between group health and starbucks, on the group health side of the road (south) but on the other side of john. i also can't guarantee how go it is, since i haven't actually been there yet, but it's cheap, judging from the menus in the windows, and looks like typical fast food terriyaki. anyone who's interested is welcome to show.

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    It was very nearly short dress and flip-flop weather today. It was a little chilly in the shade, still, and if the breeze kicked in, but I wore a…

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    There's something very strange about being under a "fire weather watch" on March 1.

  • oh, and...

    I had 160 ounces of water today, and I still feel dehydrated. Stupid fucking weather.

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