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prompted by a conversation with someone tonight...

pre-18: wasn't dating. got first kiss and boyfriend shortly before 18th birthday.
18: was dating peter. or... was i not dating peter? it was a pretty nebulous question that spring. got carnations from everyone... it's a NCSSM thing.
19: freshman year in college. was getting over the Mark thing, hadn't started dating aaron yet. don't remember what i did, probably worked at the theater.
20: sophmore year... was dating george. tried to go to dinner in Chapel Hill with a bunch of people, but it was pissing rain and after 45 minutes we turned around. ended up going to eat at rockola, right across from campus, and watching a midnight show of romeo and juliet at the campus theater.
21: um... i think valentine's that year fell in that messed up period right after george and right before Dan. probably worked.
22: NC. um... was dating dan. did homework at his job while he did work. took 10 minutes off to exchange cards. broke up shortly there after.
23: Utah. was working at Dominoes. very single. got scheduled to close with all the other bitter single people, while my manager scheduled all the attached people off, except for the closing driver, who needed the money. ranks right up there with closing on new years eve, when i was there until 4 a.m.
24: California. was dating Brandon. met up with him at work. ate dinner at a diner. gave him a teddy bear. was a pretty damned good night. :)
25: this year. yah, stuff. probably going to watch movies, as is per normal around GZ, and ignore it.

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