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it snowed today; it even thought about sticking a bit. it was pretty, but thankfully not in mass quantities.

i really, really want it to hurry up and be summer. warmth, sunrise at 5 am, sunset at 10 pm...

we started in on characters for shadowrun today; i need to finish mine tommorow. there was beef stew for dinner, which seemed to go over pretty well - at least, massive quantities of it vanished. we watched fight club and they all watched some jet li movie that i still can't remember the name of, and thumb wars.

the cinammon rolls turned out all right for a first attempt, though kinda dry.

today i realized for the millionth time lately that i'm happy here, that i'm settled, that despite all the random crap going on right now, i'm home. today's incident featured riding around in the car furniture hunting and singing along to the radio. i wish i could have everyone in the world i know come over either the 520 or the 90, water on both sides, land in front, land behind. maybe i'm wierd, but i think it's a freaking gorgeous view.

i was sleepy, but now that the slumber party that is groundzero on weekends has settled down a bit, i'm not. go fig. time to go to sleep anyhow, though.

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