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friday: chased out to Bellevue and ran an errand, then got lunch with Heather and Chris.
came back home, went and saw "Brotherhood of the Wolves" and getting pizza with Ari. came back home, and people invaded shortly thereafter. tony hawk. sleep.

saturday: got up. helped Heather make breakfast for everyone. worked on cleaning GZ. more Tony Hawk. Charles showed up. me and him and Kieth and Chris ran back out to bellevue, stopped by the boys' house, ran errands. home, more cooking, more people. American Pie II and eXistenZ. Settlers. sleep.

today: up, bussed over to Ginger's. Brynna came and picked us up. back to Brynna's. Spike-fest. Juan Pedro pie for dinner. more Spike-fest. we got introduced to Queer as Folk - cute boys having sex. no arguments here, nooooo....

bussed back home. man, nothing is more lonely than standing out on a road in mountlake terrace at 9:30 on a sunday night waiting for a bus. every car that passed caused every bad movie featuring young women being kidnapped to rise to mind. :)

talking to Chris and Kieth. bed soon.

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