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quiz answers, for the curious:

1. my driver's license is currently issued from ... Utah.

i'm lazy, and the idea of dealing with the cali DMV gave me hives. i keep putting off getting a WA id until i sell my car and just get an id instead of a license.

2. i refuse to drive through wyoming because of bored cops.

one speeding ticket, one ticket for reckless endangerment, expired plates, and no insurance will do that...

and yes, all of those were my fault. but i'd made it all the way across the damned country before i ran into problems. :)

3. i almost finished a minor in ... russian.

i also took two years of German in high school and a semester of japanese my first semester of college whilst taking russian.

i would have finished, had the professor who taught the last class i needed not been on perpetual hiatus.

4. my eyes are listed on my license as hazel. they change color, so hazel works.

5. the permanent scar from meeting with a desk as a child is a nice line on my forehead.

word to the wise: tying a towel around your neck does not make you superman, as my four year old self discovered.

6. both of my ankles will be getting tatooed.

7. i was raised Lutheran.

not that you'd know it these days... :)

8. i screwed up this question. it was supposed to be "i haven't worked as...", in which case it's "a gap girl". i've been a theater tech, a jr sys admin, an assistant manager for dominoes, and an admin assistant.

9. least favorite meat? beef.

10. and finally, if i've hauled out the Jewel cd, watch out.

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