joyce (joyce) wrote,

yesterday, short version, mostly for me when i poke back through this in a couple years:

wake up/don't need to take bus/fall back asleep/get up/go with Heather, pick up C2 and Kieth/Denny's/Northgate/oogling asses/packing up lots of crap in lots of styrofoam/gossipping/goofing off/sending the guys home with furniture/eyeing more stuff, to see if we can turn it into furniture/home/dinner/cake/Gone in 60 Seconds/Shrek/Thirteenth Floor/sleeeeep.

Charles made us dinner last night - chicken parmaeson and rice. it was very good. thanks, dear. :)

Chris had mentioned wanting chocolate cake with chocolate chips in it at some point during the day, and since this is now a kitchen of Heather, we had cake mix. no chocolate chips, though, so we ended up chopping up a chocolate raspberry into in. and i made caramel "icing" which ended up more sauce like, probably because i was impatient. it was damned good stuff, too.

and finally, we all piled into the living room with all the blankets and pillows in the house (Heather kept pulling more out of her room; i'm starting to think she has a magical box of them in her room) and watched movies. i even managed to stay awake for all of them, except for a doze during some of the extras on Shrek, which i'd seen before.

Kieth took Charles home. Chris opted for staying passed out in Groundzero's floor. everyone else went to their respective rooms and passed out. twas a good day. :)

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