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quiet weekend so far. ran my car into the shop Friday and got them to look at it; they're ordering parts and it goes back in the 14th. ran into job number one and found out that i shouldn't've bothered. came home, cleaned some, went into job number two. sold some stuff. learned how to close the store. went over to Ari's. engaged in the normal Friday night driving around cussing looking for a parking spot in First Hill. gave up, parked in a metered spot. slept. :) got up, fed the meter, slept some more. home, then work again, then running around with Kieth doing all the errands in the world. he agreed to drive, didn't kill me, and fed me dinner, so i was happy. then home again, where we got Heather safely switched into my old room before she got home. she walked up to the door of Ginger's old room, where i am currently installed, and she's like, "waaait... that's not my stuff. eh?" *grin*

hopefully being in the small room will force me to be neater, and it gave me and excuse to clean.

today, i need to find my floor and clean the kitchen. then tonight Ari and i are going to watch Gladiator... this week, i need to job hunt. whee.

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