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so, Grant and Anjela let us come invade. there was board games, and spaghetti, and i got to talk to my folks. i miss my family, and i miss my boy, but it was a good Christmas.

i'm tired; there will bed soon.

i'm realizing more and more that i know some wonderful people up here... not that everyone else isn't wonderful elsewhere, because they are, but i dunno. i'm happy here, very happy. i'm not restless, i'm not planning on leaving. i know more than a couple people, and while i'm dating someone who makes me extradinarily happy, he's not all of my life, by any means. i'm working a lot, and i'm stressed, but it's not horrible. i'm having fun.

a week from today, i'll be here six months. it doesn't at all seem like it's been that long.

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