joyce (joyce) wrote,

i am going to feel like such pure and utter crap when i have to be up monday morning, dressed, and functional at a sane hour... i didn't get up til 11 this morning, which means i'm not going to bed for awhile tonight.

course, monday is orientation "hi, here's your cube, fill out these papers, bleh bleh bleh" so it won't be too bad. my first call with a client when i haven't had a chance at the coffee pot will be bad news, though =) but i'm told that (real calls) won't happen for awhile.

i'm nervous about this job... i've been working brain dead jobs for a year. heck, working for state could be mildly brain dead at times (yo, i said, get your damn drink away from the damn computer, you idiot). co-oping definitely wasn't brain dead, even though i managed to do some really stooopid things there. =)

hopefully my brain didn't turn to ooze in the last few months. sure feels like it, sometimes.

fuckit. the job's going to be fine. and that's monday morning, which is a long time from here, anyhow.

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