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the next few days, for me:

tommorow, 5 am: get up. get dressed. get ass on the 5:45 number 2 to downtown. get to work. work ass off more on data entry (10 hours today). announce that i'm taking friday morning off. try not to get in fight with receptionist over this. take off by two, go to bank, go to Ari's. crash. get up, go to show, come home, bed.

friday: lunch w/ Ari, @Nintendo for five hours, fight practice, sleep.

saturday: @Nintendo for 10 hours, @Crisis Clinic for about four hours after Nintendo.

sunday: ditto saturday, except @CC for about five hours.

monday: ditto saturday.

someone remind me to write the rent check saturday night when i get home, ok?

meantime, i'm going to go fall over.

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