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so, Ginger pointed out something earlier today, which i find terribly amusing. she is in Seattle because of LJ. i got to thinking about it, and realized that i can say the same thing... chris wanders onto OPN because of other LJ'ers, i start talking to him, start reading him and other Seattle folks, and suddenly i'm on a plane pointed northward. life is rather odd sometimes.

today and tonight was lovely. thanks very very much to everyone who came over and brought food and hung out. i know more people that i like hanging out with and feel comfy with here after five months than i did after a year in cali.

  • the company of an absolutely wonderful person, who makes very happy
  • the rest of my friends, those in Seattle and those that aren't here (and that i miss, very much)
  • my health, which is pretty damned good, all things considered
  • my mental health, which is better than it's been in a long time
  • that i'm employed (twice over! =]) by two really great employers
  • a roof over my head, kickass roommates
  • my family

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