joyce (joyce) wrote,


stoopid tunnel-visioned holier than thou Christians. bah. if you don't want to stand in line on a Sunday and miss church to get a GameCube, fine, but don't tell me it was stupid for us to launch the damn thing on a Sunday. not everyone goes to church on Sunday mornings. we picked a date, and if it happens to fall on the day that you choose to go worship your god, then so be it.

i just get tired of it. my entire family is like to, to varying degrees, and it's frustrating. this country is not here to serve the Christians and make their lives easier, even if they are the majority religion currently (as least, i think they are, anyone know where i can find numbers?) I've never had, say, a Jewish person call me up at any job and complain "man, i just can't believe that you're closed on Sundays! I have temple on Saturday and I can't go anywhere, and Sunday is my free day and nothing is open." i'm sure they exist, but it's not a complaint i've ever gotten.


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