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so, yea, weekend. weekend kinda started thursday, with hanging out with Grant and Anjela and Celtic Bayou (where i got a salad, go me.) work friday dragged, a lot, though they got me on the floor taking tech calls. my trainer wasn't lying; a lot of the "repair" calls aren't going to be. had Delfino's and saw "The One" afterwards, which was good. lacking in plot, but fun to watch. and Saturday we got up and cleaned Ari's apartment so the building manager can show it so he can get moved. wow. it turns out that there is in fact a floor in that place, and kitchen counters. Grant and Anjela asked if we wanted Delfino's again, so we did that and wandered Barnes and Nobles for awhile, and then Ari dropped me off at home, then promptly remembered that we'd forgotten to go feed Minnie, so we did that and then he brought me home again.

I got up to take Alison to work this morning and realized there was no way that I could head straight to work myself afterwards and still be standing in a couple hours. so i came home and went back to bed, and now i'm eating breakfast and trying to get myself moving to get over to work...

and finally, thanks to the magic of LJ birthday reminders, i can say happy birthday to greck. =]

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