joyce (joyce) wrote,

so, i'm doing dishes in the kitchen, and "end of the world" comes on the radio. you know, the song that goes "it's the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine."

they play that song at the end of every ncssm block party on the very last night of the year before graduation. or, i guess i shouldn't say every, but the dj played it near the end of the dance each year that i was there. it was very appropriate. that song is going to be foever associated for me with dancing on a sidewalk in the middle of campus with people i loved and thought i'd keep up with forever.

i haven't, of course; i'm lousy at keeping in touch with people. but that's a regret for another time.

so i do some math in my head as i'm dancing around the kitchen... "heh. high school. i was 18 when i graduated... i'm going to be 25 in february... 25 minus 18... wow. 7? no, that can't be right. 7 years is forever. it's been the blink of an eye since i graduated."

but it hsn't, of course. it just seems that way.

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