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today, i:

- called my mommy, and managed to hold a civil conversation for me at 6:30 in the morning, and her harrassing me about paying off my student loans
- worked about 14 hours, not counting transit time
- managed to reply to email in a fairly timely manner from Dan and the little sisters
- got my drugs refilled and took said drugs; i'm feeling more human already
- managed to surprise a trainer and got complimented
- got my health insurance card and checkcard for my new account in the mail
- ate decent food for lunch (mm, leftovers.)
- got complimented at my other job
- got to talk to my beloved Ari twice :)

that, boys and girls, i think counts as a good day. =)

i need to call Progressive and yell at them at some point in the next couple of days. i swear, the folks in that company that deal with wrecks are wonderful. their billing department is a bunch of f'tools. they managed to not transfer the $360 from my old policy that they were supposed to, judging from adding up the numbers that were in the bill i got tonight. which means they think they're getting a hell of a lot more money the middle of November than they are...

i need to call the idiots at AT&T again, too. they said they were going to fix my bill to not reflect their dreamworld in which i was going to pay 30 cents a minute for long distance and send me an updated bill. no updated bill ever arrived, and i received a collection notice today for the old, way high, amount. gah.

and my lovely roommates have apparently come up with GZ's latest money making scheme. *snicker*

with that, i'm off to bed, even though i'm not sleepy (exhausted, but not sleepy), seeing as how i have to get up and start it all again in sub seven hours...

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