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job fair today was long, tiring, and fucking crowded. the morning session was a zoo. the afternoon session was better. i got fed some good terriyaki for lunch in between. a couple of the contracting agencies seemed mildly hopeful (you'd think someone who has 6 years of tech support experience who's available 24/7 could find a damned job, but anyhow...). i need to spend some time tonight and tommorow sending out a bunch of emails - they all want soft copies. i'm sore from being on my feet in heels all day, even nice, forgiving heels.

got drug to fight practice after all, after announcing i didn't intend to go. no one much showed, though, and we called it off after a bit. went to Safeway and got a few groceries (bread, cheese, milk) and now i'm home. tired. whee.

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