joyce (joyce) wrote,

don't ask how i managed to screw up networking in my old kernel while compiling a new one. this is why i run more than one OS on my computer...

another interview this afternoon, for a higher stress, better paying job than what i interviewed for yesterday. yesterday was the first round screening for yahoo customer care. easy enough job - answering email all day, with some phones, but not much. one weekend day required. (sucks). but they have day shifts... the money's good for a job like that, low for around here. *shrugs* we'll see what happens.

today is a dress up interview. the heels/long skirt/hose/preppy little sweater kind of interview, since that's the best i've got. (it was good enough to wear to my Grandad's funeral, it'd better be good enough for these folks.) yesterday was a khakis and decent shirt kind of inteview.


yea, i'm rambling. i'm nervous about this interview and waiting for my clothes to finish spinning through the washer.

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