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so, all of Capitol Hill that was paying attention tonight got treated… 
17th-Sep-2001 09:38 pm
so, all of Capitol Hill that was paying attention tonight got treated to me running down the sidewalk screaming "Minnie, you fucking whore" chasing the damn cat. i hope they were suitably entertained. =] she's actually been a very well behaved cat since she moved in, other than this tendancy to want to go outside...

i'm starting to feel human again. woot. i'm probably going to work tommorow. i'm busing, though - i doubt i'll feel like wielding a motor vehicle in the morning, even if it is only a few miles.

time to injest some nyquil and find my bed.
17th-Sep-2001 09:37 pm (UTC)
do you want to bus downtown with me? chris usually drops me at the bus stop around 7, and the #11 gets to westlake-ish around 7:25...
17th-Sep-2001 09:41 pm (UTC)
that works. thankee =]
18th-Sep-2001 06:36 am (UTC)
That's because cats are, by instinct, outdoor animals. I have always strongly felt that. Unfortunately for Ruby-girl, I had to compromise. Lisanne does not want her to be allowed outside (and besides, the Humane Society will not allow adoption unless we guarantee they will be inside all the time), so I had to agree in order to get her.

But anyway, that's why. Plus, cats just cannot tolerate a closed door. they must know what's on the other side.
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