joyce (joyce) wrote,

[joyce@mogwai joyce]$ ls
bash: /bin/ls: Permission denied
[joyce@mogwai joyce]$ su
[root@mogwai joyce]# ls -al /bin/ls
-rwx------ 1 root lp 43740 Sep 11 16:05 /bin/ls

ok, those who have been using my computer... please, please, please don't startx as root. use your account and fire up kppp; you can then feed it root's password and dial in. bad things tend to happen when root is logged in like that.

thank you. =]


i'm home sickish. chills and sick stomach all day, and i finally gave up about quarter after two. came home, napped a bit, decided that my stomach had settled down to the point that i could eat something, and did so. feeling better. might sleep again some more soon.

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