joyce (joyce) wrote,

- Crown was fun. faecat has a good summary here.

- i fucked up. grr. it's fixable, but still, grr.

- i came home with a cold.

- i made some pretty good spaghetti out of almost nothing, woot.

- must do some grocery shopping. some very minor grocery shopping, until i get paid thursday night.

- i REALLY need a shower. i'll do that after i eat. i also need to start unpacking and putting the house together, because right now it's a wreck.

- pyran is a god, just so y'all know.

- Yakima is way the hell hot and way the hell dusty.

- i have to be up way the hell early tommorow. petfish, i need that address so i can pull directions. and the train is leaving at 6 a.m.

that is all for now; carry on.

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