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i'm not really awake, but it'll have to do.

yseterday was red robin and learning how to crochet and Crononauts with Anjela and Grant, then tripping out to SeaTac (i hate that airport. actually, i hate most airports.) to pick up the Ari. woot. =] we went back to Grant and Anjela's to pick up Zuul, then went back to Ari's. rented Goldeneye, and he cooked me dinner. (happy joyce. =]) we tried to watch the movie, realized both of us were falling asleep, and went to bed.

i had to get up later-than-usual-but-too-early this morning, before the meter maids turned out, lest i get another parking ticket, so i came home and passed out again. and now i'm looking for clean clothes - i know i have some around here somewhere - so that i can get something constructive done (i.e. job hunting) before calling in to find out if i go in to work today at all.

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