joyce (joyce) wrote,

so. drove out to redmond, then THoC, then downtown, saw Original Sin, then reversed. 80 miles total, and i didn't mind a bit. like i keep saying, i love driving, hate traffic. i almost miss when i lived 45 miles from work in cali. lots of time to think, turn my music as loud as i wanted, and sing along.

the movie was pretty good. a little slow, but you know, there were qualities that made up for that. =] there was a few audible gasps of happiness from me and Ginger and Anjela during the sex scene from hell. one of the best i've seen outside of porn. oh, my, word.

i like knowing so many other bi chicks up here. makes it a lot easier to drool audibly, not that i wouldn't anyhow.

(amusing side story about that - the only two members of my family i'm out to are my two older male cousins. one was in town a couple weeks ago and took me and Ari to lunch. i made some comment about Anjelina Jolie being hot. i reckon my cousin is still adjusting to things, because my comment threw him for a loop... he didn't mind - he thought it was nifty that i was drooling over women - he's just really not used to it.)

anyhow, by the time we got back to THoC, i was tired and feeling ass-like again, so i ran anjela home. she gave me some benedryl to take, so i'm going to go eat, take drugs, and pass out, in that order.

oh, and she described her allergy symptoms for me. dammit, i will be pissed beyond belief if i'm coming down with allergies.

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