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i had a friend who didn't at times much like the people she was living with, but didn't want to move in alone either, because she didn't want to live alone. i didn't understand at the time, but now that i'm looking at good roommates - ones i can plot with and cook for and that will help me sew and that i actually want to be friends with - for the first time in awhile (Dan and Catherine were wonderful roommates, but then living in the LBTI scared me off from living with people) i understand. the human need for companionship, even for someone as introverted as me, is a powerful thing.


randomly flirting with everything under the sun is rapidly losing its appeal. selectively flrting with people that i know, when everyone knows it's just a game, is still fun, for the most part. there's a lot of things i used to do that hold no appeal anymore. they were fun, they make good stories, i might consider some of it again under selected circumstances, but a lot of it feels like it belongs to another person.


i'm having to mightily restrain the desire to go be a sarcastic bitch to someone. let it go, right? i'm working on it. some scars take awhile to fix, however.

luckily, he's patient...


i have a new project to work on. as if i need something else to mess with right now. it'll be fun, though.


i still feel like crap. i'm debating going back to bed. i prolly won't though.


... cuz i am hanging on every word you say
and even if you don't want to speak tonight
hat's alright, alirght with me
'cause i want nothing more than to sit
outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
is where i want to be

i really like this song.

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