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heh. i lived in cali for too long. i was expecting the 5 to be bumper to bumper happiness this morning coming home. nope. =] which means that i had time to come home, make lunch, and get my LJ fix.

made Ari watch "The Tao of Steve" last night. and had some good Thai food. life's good.

i get to get offa work early this afternoon, so i need to remember to go by the U employment office and update my contact info. need real job...

we went and looked at a house last night. the lady scheduled 3 different groups to look at the place at the same time. annoying, but it turned out to be better, because we realized there was no way in hell we were going to get it - some chick was waving six months' rent, prepaid, in the landlady's face. back to the drawing board...

and i need to get to work.

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