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woot. we found Ari's apartment tonight. it is now safe for cat consumption (and people, as well =]).

could've gone out drinking with him to a friend of his place. mayhaps i should have, i probably need the attitude adjustment. but between the cleaning and walking all over in a botched attempt at finding the police dept's HR office, i'm dead tired. and i really don't need to be lacking in sleep on the first day of an assignment. especially when i've never done the reception thing. and i'm still not playning with other children terribly well.

i need to revise an earlier statement, actually. it's not that i don't want to be a receptionist - because, well, it's actually a lot of the things i'm good at - i just wish it paid more.

anyhow, i'm poking at audiogalaxy, because there's a couple of songs i really want to hear, and then it'll be bed time. at least sleep should be easy tonight. =] and it's impossible to be grumpy when the radio starts playing this...

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