joyce (joyce) wrote,

meep. this is what pre-sevem-a.m. looks like again...

ways to make your roommate giggle more: walk out of the bathroom and say "alison in a skippy tank top, woot".

ways to make your roommate giggle futher: walk around like a chicken with her head cut off and ask her if you look decent. change clothes, ask again.

note to self, next time, wash more clothes that are long enough of cover the hole in the jeans. buy more clothes... um, sometime.

meep. i need to get my ass to work, and then tonight i'm going to be not here. yay. =]

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    This morning, feeding time at the zoo: Yes, Lattimer the dog and Copper the cat are the same size. :)

  • (no subject)

    Also, Marty is sitting on top of my knitting. Which does not make it easier to knit. Silly fur.

  • (no subject)

    Copper has been crazy lap kitty lately. I get home, I sit down, and zoom - it's floor to lap in 3.5 seconds. She's currently curled up in a ball of…

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