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"even escalators aren't one way, and they move in the direction you're supposed to go in..." -- Ari

we're back.

i was wandering around last night in a camp lit only by fire, sans contacts, becoming drunk rapidly, in garb, looking for a damn portapot at one a.m.

damn, it was a good weekend. =]

we rolled into camp friday night at about, um, quarter after three in the morning. after dealing with the world's stupidest gate guard (hence the subject) we wandered back, eventually found Constab point and where we were supposed to camp (in a nice coincidence, the person we needed to look for to camp drove in about two minutes behind us). we set up the tent ("you guys are going to fit three people into that?") and finally got to bed about five in the morning.

the Heralds starting waking us up at seven.

yesterday was fairly slow, but good. court, court, and more court. court went on forever and a day. i had the expected encounter with heat exhaustion, despite trying hard to avoid it, and ended up sleeping through a good portion of court. watch the coronation. pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for dinner. constab duty, eventually. the aforementioned getting drunk. lots of wandering around and talking to folks in between. watching some very non-SCA-legal dagger fighting that kicked ass.

the Heralds were a little kinder this morning. eight, instead of seven. =]

more pancakes. more wandering around. i now own two (cheap, but...) very spiffy wooden wine glasses, and replaced my hematite ring that Brandon's holding hostage. (*ducks*) more BS'ing with people. we opted to skip court this afternoon and get headed towards home.

traffic sucked. i did about 20 miles an hour the last 20 miles into olympia, if that says anything.

drinking a hard lemonade now, relaxing. need to fix some dinner and finish cleaning and shower, because my sisters will be here in um, eleven hours and some change...

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