joyce (joyce) wrote,

ok, i'm tired. i'm going to go try to fall over now, if i have to beat myself upside the head with allison's stick to do it. i don't want to feel like roadkill warmed over two days in a row. besides, i'm booked, like, the rest of the week. and all weekend. and next week too, since i'll have two younger sisters in tow all week. except thursday... think i'm skipping gameworks thursday in favor of errands and housecleaning and general sanity time, since i won't have time this weekend before Hope and Faith get here to clean house for them. shoot, still need to get a bed at some point, too.

oh, i told Hope that i was going to drag them with me next Tuesday to watch people getting beaten up, but that i wouldn't get to beat up on anyone because i didn't have armour yet, and she didn't freak. i was happy. =]

glurf. Allison, remind me to call the mothership when i get home from work tommorow, please?

ok. bed (well, floor) now.

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