joyce (joyce) wrote,

living on california time...

i think everyone that had to be told seperaterly has been told (well, excluding my folks, who luckily don't have real net.access, and are going to be told after i get a job this week =) ) but yah, in the mother of all last minute not really decisions, i packed up and came to cali yesterday.

man, that is a long drive, 12 alone with your thoughts and all your stuff in your car.

actually, most of my stuff. i overestimated when i thought i could fit everything in, and i'm going to have to go back next weekend and pick up the rest of my crap. but i have some loose ends to tie up with where i was living, so it's all good. going to try to find someone to ride up with me though; it's a long ride alone.

nevada sucked. nevada is 400 miles of nothingness. nevada is trying to stay awake, is drinking red bull, is listening to counting crows and chumbuwumba (don't laugh at me) because you lost radio stations a long time ago, and you knew you would, so you bought batteries for your radio.

so i'm here. i'm in san jose. i'm crashing with the best friend and his girlfriend til i find someone who needs a roommate, which hopefully will happen soon, and i need to work on the job thing, though i think that'll be easier. i'm done with dominoes, thank goodness. maybe my stress levels will go down if i'm not working 60 hours a week for nothing.

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