joyce (joyce) wrote,

my brain is completely confused about what time zone it's in. it keeps thinking that it's in cali at 1:30 am, which means that there's not going to be anyone online to talk to anytime soon, because everyone's already gone to bed a couple time zones ahead. only my brain's not in cali, it's in boston, (well, for loose values of in ;) ). there still isn't anyone around, because most everyone on this coast is headed to bed and most everyone on the west coast is still out enjoying their saturday night. even most of the little script kiddies on IRC aren't on. (well, except for one, who's being a bitch. but anyhow.) but i still wish my brain would sort out this whole time difference thing... about the time it does next week, i'll be headed back west coastish.

mayhaps i should give up and go to bed. but even with running around all day and not getting enough sleep last night, i'm still not sleepy. damn time zones. =]

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