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tired, but it's a good tired.

today: providence, rhode island - mall, zoo. ben and jerry's for lunch, *giggles*. the zoo was awesome - i finally saw the baby polar bear dan's been talking about for literally months.

then back to Braintree, to grocery shopping, then home, where we made these kickass meatballs in a red wine sauce and mashed potatoes for dinner. mmm. i'm going to get spoiled, cooking with these two again... then ran into Boston and went to jillians for a couple hours. lots of fun. discovered that i'm much better at water based games - boats, jet skis - than i am at driving games. i tend to run into less things. =] then back home on the T, where i am now, eating some leftover dinner and drinking some water, to wear off the last of the alcohol.

good day. i need to be doing more stuff like this. =]

i'm tired, but not quite ready to settle down yet.

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